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Did you know

That ink cartridges are in the Top 10 most sold products on the internet!

Our goal

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

Without any investment on your part, you can increase your income by becoming an affiliate or reseller André Ink today. And for FREE.

Too good to be true?

Did you know that presently:

  • 65% of everything that sells is bought via e-commerce!
  • That the first search is done on the internet via Google which ranks local businesses at the top and for free.
  • Those who sell in your area without a local address must pay a fortune in paid advertising (Google Adword).

Expansion project.

The truth of the matter is that to continue our expansion, André ink faces 2 alternatives!

  1. Pay a commission to Google Adword to develop your region!


  1. Have resellers or a point of service in your area (local partner).

You come to understand?

If Andre Ink wants to continue growing, there are only 2 alternatives. And I prefer to pay and share with a local partner than an American internet giant.

Here are other good reasons to join our network

The service is FREE for all affiliates and resellers. 

  1. Your business benefits from growth with the new visibility and increase in traffic given by your involvement.
  2. We set up and / or create your Google Business account for free.
  3. You have access to various income opportunities.

(Some prerequisites are needed, contact us for more details)

André Ink offers 3 income generating programs

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Affiliation expert
  3. Reseller and / or Reseller Partner

Income source opportunities:

  1. Be a point of service that receives a commission on the web sales of your territory.
  2. Have a sales counter in your company to generate even more revenue from your  territory (web and brick & mortar).
  3. Pursue a career in the sales and specialized distribution of ink cartridges.

You have chosen to be an affiliate and want to accelerate your income?

Our marketing team can help you. The secret No1: set up a local SEO quote campaign in your area (Some fees apply).

To learn more about local SEO quote campaigns. Click here…

You want to go even further! Become an expert affiliate and we will create a showcase website reflecting your company brand with a cartridge section. (Some fees apply).

See example: https://www.cartouchessolution.com

You have chosen to be a reseller and want to accelerate your income?

Our marketing team can help you. The secret No1: set up a local SEO quote campaign in your area (Some fees apply).

To learn more about local SEO quote campaigns. Click here…

You want to go even further! Become an associate reseller and we will create a website identical to that of André ink, personalized to your brand. (Some fees apply and conditions in terms of volume must be met).

See example: https://gfbureautique.encrerecharge.ca/

Why choose André ink?

Becoming a partner of André ink will enable you to acquire and offer state-of-the-art know-how by offering the best in printing solutions.

Learn more about André Ink

But let me introduce myself.

My name is André Dagenais, passionate entrepreneur, president of André Ink, a pioneer in the recycling of laser ink cartridges, with 28 years of experience in the industry.

During my career, I worked in the vast majority of ink cartridge manufacturing companies in Quebec. I was lucky to be one of the few to have taught and shared my expertise directly at the source: at the manufacturers. I even taught in China many times.

André Ink's mission is to maintain its title as a leader in compatible ink cartridges, laser and inkjet recycling, represent its affiliates and distributors to manufacturers and work with manufacturers to demand the best cartridges at the best prices.

André Ink! Unparalleled customer service

Do you have questions about a product, have a problem, or need technical assistance?

Because nothing is perfect!

A problem, such as a defective cartridge, can unfortunately happen to anyone!

That’s not a problem, we take care of handling the defective cartridges for you.

Andre Ink has not only been employing technicians, we have the pioneers of the market and the industry to solve problematic situations.

E-commerce is the future of Quebec's retail trade?

You've probably noticed that I bring up e-commerce a lot and It’s great importance.

Did you know :       

For residential consumers, 70% of families buy ink cartridges at least three (3) times a year.

For commercial consumers, 60% of companies buy compatible or recycled products.

To feel secure, the majority of buyers will favor a vendor that have a brick and mortar location nearby.

Many will order via the internet but will pick up their order in store.

• That a customer who enters your store is a potential customer for your other activities.

So, do not hesitate anymore and act now.

But beware! We protect the territories. Once your territory is reserved, this offer will no longer be available.

What we are looking for: affiliates and smart distributors, calculators and go-getters.

Certain conditions must be fulfilled and André Ink reserves the right to refuse an application.

Without obligation on your part, contact me today personally by phone at 450 622-4434 (toll free: 1 877 707-3434) or by return e-mail.

It is best to email a time slot for a phone meeting.

Request for information, reseller account

Once this form is completed and sent, look at your e-mail and make sure you have received the acknowledgement of receipt. If you notice that did not receive it after 15 minutes, verify in your unwanted mail. The second mail will be sent to you when your request is treated.